Stamped Snowglobe Card




Introduction: Stamped Snowglobe Card

To create this card you will need
A snowglobe shaped mask (I cut mine from plastic so I can use it again)
Some ink pads (dark and light blue and a brown)
Some tree stamps and tree stamps, mine are from Clarity Stamp Ltd just search for tree or deer
A water spritzer
A blank card or square of cardstock.
Some copy paper
Removable tape
Post It pads or similar

Step 1: Create Moon and Tape Mask in Place

Place the open mask of the globe part to your card making sure you cover up any exposed areas that you don't want ink in. Punch out a circle from the top of one of your Post It pads and place on your card where you want your Moon to be.

Next rip a piece of your copy paper to form some hill shapes and use a makeup sponge or a shaving brush to drag ink from the copy paper to your card, starting at the bottom. Move the paper a few times to create a few hills, using less in as you go up the paper

Step 2:

Using a brayer (such as this one) or a brush introduce your darker blue in from the top repeating until you reach the color you want.

I created my card with distress ink, which reacts to water being sprayed on it with the spritzer. Spray on the water from about 18 inches away leave for a couple of minutes, then blot off with a piece of kitchen towel, this will give you the "stars"

With the mask and your copy paper in place, stamp parts of your trees so they sit on the hills. Stamping them twice without re-inking allows you to create the "background" tree with the second stamp.

Finally stamp your dear in the middle with the first generation of ink on the stamp as this makes them appear in the front of the picture

Step 3: Add the Base

Using the curved part of your mask you can create the base in the same way you created the hils, by dragging brown ink in from the sides, remembering that it will be lighter in the middle.

Step 4: Complete Your Card

Add some glitter glue to your image in places that you would see as being highlighted and set aside to dry. Cut an aperture into a contrasting card and add your completed stamped piece to the inside (once dry), trimming if needed

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