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Introduction: Stamped Valentine Necklace

About: I'm an artist who loves making pretty things! I have a gorgeous chocolate lab who accompanies me on hair-brained projects. I love the beach and I love crafting.I also run a crafting blog and and an etsy shop.

This handmade necklace that says it all! Simple and  easy to personalize. The idea came from some research I did about how ink effects clay. Apparently some, inks can bleed or bead up over time. I wanted to make something that was bold as well after all why not say "I love you" out loud!

Step 1: Supplies


Red Polymer Clay [ I used Fimo clay, this color is optional] 
Red Sequin Ribbon
2 wooden beads
Jump rings

Pasta Machine or roller
Heart Template {note: template should be large enough to fit your stamp]
Paint Brush
Round tip pliers 

Step 2: The Sequin Beads

**This step requires patience for a clean look. This step is optional, if you don't want sequined beads skip ahead.

1. Take a wooden bead and  place hole side up.

2. Using E6000 glue cover 1/4 of the bead with glue starting around the hole. Do not glue over the hole just around it.

3..Take the of the strung sequins and place a sequin over the hole.

4. Slowly working in spiral to cover the bead with sequins.

5.  Stop at the 1/4 mark and allow to set up for a few minutes, this prevents glue strings and getting glue all over sequins..You can start the second bead if you like at this point.

6.Add  another 1/4 of  glue  to the first bead and continue to cover in strung sequins, set aside again. 

7. Continue step 6 until the bead is covered. snip off.

8.Repeat steps 1-7 until the beads are covered in sequins.

Step 3: The Pendant

1. Make a heart template, or use a plastic heart shaped cookie cutter.[Remember any items used for clay should never used for food.]

2. Condition your clay.

3. Run clay through pasta machine on setting 7 or roll with a rolling pin. You want at least 1/8 inch thickness.

4.Place your template on your clay and cut around your template and remove excess clay.

5.Using your knife or clay scraper gently lift heart off surface. Check to make sure you have smooth clean edges.

6. Take a bamboo skewer and make two holes at the top each curve on the heart. [Make sure you not too close to the edge.]

7. Take the stamp and coat it with ink , stamp in middle of the heart.If you have some alphabet stamps add message or write one with gel pen, prisma marker. Mine Says "Te Amo."[ Note: I used archival inkpad, make sure to research ink you are using because certain inks will cause reactions in clay over time.]

8.Bake According to directions on the clay.

9. Let cool

Step 4: The Assembly

1. Lay out all the pieces for your necklace.

2. Attach jump rings to the pendant.

3. Slide the eye lit pins through all the beads. For the sequin beads, the sequin at the top and the bottom of the bead is where you thread the eye lit pin.

4.Attach the beads in any order you would like to your pendant.

5. Attach the chain and clasp.

6. Lastly wrap up your necklace, ideas for wrapping would be a nice handmade envelope, or handmade paper box. Also my handmade gift box instructable would work well. Fill the box with a favorite candy and place the necklace inside the gift box :
Valentine's Gift Box

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