Stamping Warhammer Sigillum Sanctum

Introduction: Stamping Warhammer Sigillum Sanctum

For a Warhammer 40K Cosplay I wanted to create several "Purity Seals"

I first tried modelling the seals from scratch, but it took too much time and the results were to large in scale.

After that I thoughts about making real seals but real custom sealstamps are very expensive in larger size (>100EUR). So I ended up with real stamps and red clay.

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Step 1: Designing the Stamp

Before we can start making purity seals we have to design our seal.

Because we are using stamps and not real sealstamps we cannot create a 3D template but only a black and white one.

Don't make lines or fonts to small.

After designing the stamp I just ordered a custom stamp with my design on the internet (~15$ each)

Step 2: Stamping the Seal

I used fimo clay for my seals. To avoid the clay to stick to the stamp I used water and dish liquid. You have to take care that the surface of the clay is even and without artifacts like fingerprints before pressing your stamp into the clay. On my picture I spent no time in a smooth surface, so the result is lower in quality.

Step 3: Apply Washing to Seal

To get a more realisiic look I used washes from GW to mimic grime and get a more threedimensional effect

Step 4: Adding Litany to Seal

After the wash has dried you can add your strip of paper, pergament or fabric.

In my case I transfered the printed text by spreading aceton over the print and rubbing it into the fabric using a spoon

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    These look great!

    Perhaps I didn't understand, but how did you make the stamps themselves?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for your comment, I will edit the instructable

    I ordered them on the internet (~15$ each), you can make your own stamps using linocut or something similiar. But I choosed the easy way ;)