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Introduction: Stamping With Potatoes

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As children, we used to make stamps from potato pieces borrowed from the kitchen. It is very easy to make stamps from potatoes of any shape you like and also they last a few days if kept in the refrigerator closed in polythene bags.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on making a scrap page using potatoes

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Step 1: Materials Required

The following materials are required for this stamping project:

  • A non-absorbent thick drawing paper. Here I have taken an A4 size paper
  • One large potato, sliced into pieces
  • Fabric paints (Red, green, yellow and blue)
  • Marker pen for marking on potato
  • Paint brush
  • Carving / craft knife
  • Paint thinner of any kind to clean brush

Step 2: Draw the Outline and Stamp Center of Flowers

Draw rough outline of the proposed design. Using a small round piece of potato stamp, mark the center of flowers with yellow paint

Step 3: Stamp for Flower Petals

Mark a single petal on a piece of potato with marker pen. Carve out the shape using craft knife. Potato stamp for the flowers petals is ready

Step 4: Stamp the Flower Petals

Using a mixture of yellow and red paint, stamp out the flower petals at spots already stamped with yellow paint.

From time to time, clean out the moisture from the potato stamp using a dry cloth.

Step 5: Stamp the Thicker Stems

Take another slice of potato. Using green paint, stamp the thicker stems

Step 6: Stamp the Grass

Using a thin slice of potato, stamp the grass at the bottom. Use green paint mixed with yellow for this

Step 7: Stamp the Leaves

Mark leaf in a piece of potato and carve out. Using mixture of green and yellow paint, stamp the leaves wherever required.

Step 8: Stamp the Buds

Using a thin slice of potato, stamp the thinner stems for the buds with green paint.

A small oval shaped piece of potato can be used for stamping the buds with red and yellow paint

Step 9: Finished Scrap Page

Now we got a scrap page stamped with potatoes. Use a thin transparent polythene sheet to mask the scrap page.

This method can be used to stamp beautiful greeting cards for any occasion.

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    whaaaaaat so cool!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    potato stamping.. traditional and cheapest ( also the easiest) form of stamping :D