Multi Purpose Stand for Selfie-stick.



Hi every one !

this is simple indoor selfie stick stand which can be used for multiple items.>

  1. As stand for selfie stick(remote blue tooth camera shutter)
  2. change attachment and stand for projector
  3. stand for clicking business card
  4. scanner app + selfie stick stand =stable doc scanner
  5. stand to watch movies.
  6. hands free video chat
  7. mono-pod for making beginner movies
  8. stand to hold shaving mirror

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Step 1: Required Items.

selfie stick with quarter diameter half inch hole

Flat wooden base with smooth edges.

two inch(length) quarter(diameter) flat head screw (length according to desire) qty.1

bolts for quarter screw. 2 qty

drilling machine

spray can or any wood paint.

Step 2: Procedure/Method

follow the image

Step 3:

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