Standing Desk

Introduction: Standing Desk

My favorite piece of furniture born from two of my greatest loves: coconut water and duct tape.


- Ikea Linnmon Table (Came with the apt.)

- 3 Zico Cases (Purchased at Costco.)

- 2 Tide Packaging Boxes (Snagged at Costco checkout.)

- Curtain (Purchased online last year. Approx. $15.)

- Little Coffee Table Thing (Came with the apt.)

- Duct Tape!!

This Instructable primarily seeks to inspire. Ideally you can put something together without deliberately purchasing materials or following a set of steps. Just take a look around your place and get creative!

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Step 1: Plan

The steps I describe following this one are specific to the desk I constructed for my needs. Identify key features you would like for your desk.

Ask yourself question such as:

- How tall should the desk be for me to feel comfortable while working?

- What do I want to use my desk for (operating a computer, writing on paper, crafting, etc.)?

Your answers will determine the sizes of the boxes that you'll need to gather, and how you lay them out.

I needed something that could elevate my monitors and keyboard for an ergonomic setup, a bit of table top space for writing, and a few nooks to store office supplies and cords.

Step 2: Build the Foundation

Find boxes that are the appropriate heights for your needs and offer enough support. Arrange them based on your desired work space layout. Tape them down.

Step 3: Make Things Pretty

Keep things classy by covering up the boxes with a curtain (or similar object). Secure the curtain by adding duct tape to the underside. A pen organizer is included in the image to demonstrate the potential for storage space.

Step 4: Layer

Extra layers add more surface area. Secure the layers with duct tape. In this example, there are loops of duct tape on the bottom of each table leg.

Step 5: Add Your Stuff

Self-explanatory. I rearranged the foundation prior to this step. Don't worry, the monitors are secured with duct tape :).

Now, enjoy your new standing desk!

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