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Modmischief modified the Rats in Love Standing Pop-Up Card to make a more versatile template for YuKonstruct's Holiday Card Build Night.

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This card is a great use of our Epilogue laser cutter, but with a bit of patience and a steady hand, you can also make it at home.

For this card you'll need:

  • the template provided with this instructable
  • one letter sized sheet of cardstock
  • a way to cut the cardstock: X-acto knife, scissors, laser cutter or digital cutting machine

You may also want markers, paint, glitter, stickers or other materials to decorate your finished card.

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Step 1: Prepare Template Pieces

The template includes three identical larger pieces of cardstock that are used to make the pop-up scene and six strips that form the base.

Cut out the pieces with a machine or print the template and carefully cut it by hand.

Step 2: Draw the Scene

Set aside one of the large scene pieces to be the background. Decorate it accordingly.

Draw foreground figures or scenery on the remaining two scene pieces.

Step 3: Cut It Out

Carefully cut out the foreground figures or scenery, leaving at least the thickness of the base strips along the bottom edge. Decorate your foreground pieces as desired.

Step 4: Assemble!

Assemble all the pieces. There are 5 bottom spacing strips that attach to the background, 3 long ones for the middle and 2 shorter ones for either side. They slide onto the background piece so the rounded corners are facing up. Add the 2 foreground pieces and the front piece.

The finished card will fold flat for mailing in an invitation sized envelope.

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4 years ago

Great idea! I think I will make one and mail it to my friend for Christmas!


4 years ago on Introduction

such a creative idea! I like how they can fold down, too, so they can be mailed!