Stapler Gun (Office Supplies)

This is a gun made from a stapler , it isn't accurate but it has a long range
Material Required : Scissors ,Working hands , Stapler (any stapler like in the second pic)(i used kangaro HD-10D) and
Toothpicks (ammo)

Step 1: Removing the Covering and Dismantle the Stapler

Use the Scissors to remove the plastic covering .
After removing the covering , you will have to remove the hinge pin (the thing inside red circle in 3rd pic)

Step 2: Take Out the Parts

obtain the part shown in the picture.
(The yellow thing is the hammer)
Remove the parts.

Step 3: Putting the Parts

After removing the parts, Put the spring in the rod first and then the yellow hammer as shown in the picture above.
Note:Be careful while putting the hammer . It can launch because of the spring .

Step 4: Assembling

Put the rod back at it's place .(as shown in the picture)

Note:It would be a little difficult to put the rod back at it's place.

Step 5: Load the Ammo and Enjoy

Now push the yellow hammer back and load the toothpick.Cut the toothpick if you want to.
The toothpick will get stuck in it (like in the first pic)
To launch the toothpick-Simply push it above (as shown in the second picture)
Enjoy :D
Open the video file to enjoy a preview !!

Step 6: Enjoy

Keep it away from your eyes. It can misfire
Dont shoot at your teachers and annoying siblings
I am not responsible for anyone's death .
Be careful



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