Star Charm Bracelet

Introduction: Star Charm Bracelet

In need of a present? Well, here's a simple way to make one out of strips of paper!

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Step 1: Step One!

1. Get needles, scissors, clear stretch cord and strips of paper

Step 2: Step Two!

2. Take a strip of paper out

Step 3: Step Three!

3. Start folding the right edge up.

Step 4: Step Four!

4. Make a loop with the strip of paper

Step 5: Step Five!

5. Take the extra part of the strip of paper and put it through the loop

Step 6: Step Six!

6. Pull to the point where the paper aligns and makes a pentagon.

Step 7: Step Seven!

7. Flip the strip of paper over

Step 8: Step Eight!

8. Take the extra part and slip it inside

Step 9: Step Nine!

9. Flip the paper over once again.

Step 10: Step Ten!

10. Fold the long part of the strip of paper up.

Step 11: Step Eleven!

11. Continue to fold the strip of paper over and over.

Step 12: Step Twelve!

12. Once the strip of paper comes down to the smallest part, pull the part out a little bit.

Step 13: Step Thirteen!

13. Then tuck in the strip under the fold.

Step 14: Step Fourteen!

14. Ending with a pentagon.

Step 15: Step Fifteen!

15. Pinch the middle of each side of the pentagon.

Step 16: Step Sixteen

16. End product should look like this! Repeat steps 1-16 for 8 more stars.

Step 17: Step Seventeen

17. Cut out 6 centimeters of Clear Stretch Cord.

Step 18: Step Eighteen!

18. Insert the 6 centimeters of Clear Stretch Cord into the needle.

Step 19: Step Nineteen!

19. Take the needle and poke it into the same place where you pinched the star.

Step 20: Step Twenty!

20. Right through! Repeat this for the other 8 stars.

Step 21: Step Twenty One!

21. String the rest of the stars.

Step 22: Step Twenty Two!

22. Tie a knot at the bottom of the charm.

Step 23: Step Twenty Three!

23. Make a loop at the top and tie it.

Step 24: Step Twenty Four!

24. Cut off any unnecessary string/cords.

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    2 Discussions

    Forn Man
    Forn Man

    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is very, very cool. My oldest daughter saw this and immediately wanted to make one.
    Please post this instructables into the "Forneysclass" group. I'll keep it there for future generations of students to ogle over.
    You get a 100! It's awesome! JF