Star Destroyer Style Paper Airplane

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This is a paper airplane with a design similar to that of the Star Destroyer... This is also my very first instructable, so umm, please bare with me here... The video will come soon...

[edit:] I know there is supposed to be a video for this contest entry, but I've been at work on a rig for the past 35 days, a job that was supposed to only last 2 weeks. And I don't have a video camera out here... So that is my excuse for having no video.

Step 1: Beginning Folds

The beginning of the airplane is much like a normal paper airplane... One thing to keep in mind while making this or any paper airplane is that Symmetry equals Stability...

Ok, first off you begin with your basic folds...

First you start by folding the piece of paper in half length ways as seen below...

The you fold in at a 90 degree angle for the nose and do the same on the other side...

Pretty basic stuff there...

Step 2: Next Fold

For this fold, you want to keep the rear corner at a point... So I just put a small crease in the rear corner... Look at the pictures for reference...

Step 3: Step 3...

In this step you will fold the rear corners in to the center fold...

Step 4: Step 4

Here you need to fold the inside flaps outwards away from the center...

Step 5: Step 5

Now you will fold in the outer edges to the center... And also form the stabilizer flaps... See images...

Step 6: Step 6

Here you'll fold the airplane in the center... Once you do that you fold down the wings... I fold them about 1 centimeter from the center crease outward... Then once you do that fold up the stabilizer flaps...

Step 7: Step 7

Here you will use a small piece of tape to keep the top-front part of the fuselage together. Then you will pull up on the top and push in the sides creating the diamond shaped fuselage...

Note: the last picture here is just a preference, adding extra strength to the nose.

Step 8: Finished

And now you have the finished Star Destroyer style paper airplane, which flies straight and far...

Tell me how you like it in the comments...



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24 Discussions


9 years ago on Introduction

it didn't work out for me it just won't stop rolling. this is the perfect plane to build if you love barrel rolls


9 years ago on Step 7

i loved it!! but mine didnt turn out so well.... did you use regular printer paper?

2 replies
w00t ._.Spoiled Potato

Reply 9 years ago on Step 7

Hey how do you get yours soo non-areodynamic?  Mine is like wayy skinny compared to yours i need some help here plz


9 years ago on Step 8

BEST PLANE EVAH!! To cool! Flys GREAT!! Thanks for the plane!


9 years ago on Introduction

imgoing to make a model of a star destroyer kinda like this


10 years ago on Introduction

ahh i get stuck on step 5... oh well i'll try again