Star Shower Necklace

Introduction: Star Shower Necklace

-1 black ball chain, cut to 16 inches
- 4 inches Swarovski 2.5 mm crystal chain, cut into 1-6 stone piece, 2-5 stone, 2-4 stone, 2-3 stone pieces
- 14 crystal chain ends, 2.5 mm
- 7 brass star charms
- 14 brass oval jump rings, 3x4 mm

- Wire cutters
- Ruler
- Chain nose pliers

Length: 16 inches

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Step 1: Attach Ends to the Chain

Fit a length of Swarovski chain into a chain end. Using your pliers press down the tabs on either side of the chain ends to secure it to the chain. Repeat on the other ends of all the crystal chain pieces.

Step 2: Attach Stars to Chain Ends

Use a jump ring to attach a star to the loop on the end of one crystal chain section. Repeat on all crystal chain sections, attaching one star to each.

Step 3: Attach Chain Lengths to Ball Chain

Locate the center of the chain. Using a jump ring, attach the 6-link crystal chain section to the ball chain at this point. Count four balls to the left and attach the 5-link crystal chain section to this point using the same method. Repeat, spacing each crystal chain section along the ball chain, 4 balls from the last section, until all crystal chain sections are placed on the necklace.

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