Star Trek 2009 Uhura Costume




Introduction: Star Trek 2009 Uhura Costume

Learn how easy is to design your own clothes! The best Do-it-yourself videos on the web! Join me :D

Make your own Star Trek Uhura costume out of a t-shirt !



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    26 Discussions

    Sweet costume! My senior year of high school, my room mate and I made costumes to go to the premiere of the, at the time new, Star Trek movie.

    red shirt
    be careful
    you know what they say about the tekkie with the red shirt
    (great look though)

    I wonder what this outfit will look like when she washes it?
    T-Shirts shrink ALLOT..
    Maybe it should be washed a few times first before modifying it.

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    It depends on the material. Most synthetic fibers or even natural/synthetic blends are made nowadays to not shrink. If it is made out of a material that shrinks, there's always good ol' fashioned outdoor clothes lines. And if you think a simple t-shirt will shrink, try sticking a wool sweater in the dryer. It ends up being doll clothes! lol

    Live long and prosper, Giannina!  Have enjoyed everything you've come up with!

    I could never be anything from star trek...I cant do the Hand thing!

    Love this- you are so clever! Keep it up-great video too. 

    as always Gianny u make amazing stuff with this amazing good looking ;)

    Trekkies Unite!! i am definitely making this this weekend! Great job!

    I think the point though is that you could do this for any of the shirts. McCoy is my guy, so blue is a good one. :)

    But i don't think i just wanna be a Star Treck person :P I am more into sci-fi armored weapon suits.