Star Trek Battleship Tactical Combat Game (Paper Based)

Introduction: Star Trek Battleship Tactical Combat Game (Paper Based)

This is a printable version of the classic battleship tactical board game with a Star Trek twist.

It's really easy to make and you can be ready to play in ten minutes. Instructions and rules of play are provided below.

Step 1: Print the Game

The game is played on paper, so you need to download and print the four PDF files as listed below

Although it can be played when printed on any kind of paper, I would recommend you print onto printable transparency paper.

  • 1x Starship Cut-Outs
  • 1x Starfleet Targeting Grid
  • 1x Klingon Targeting Grid
  • 2x Starship Grid

Once you have the pages printed as above, you simply need to cut out the eight ships from the "Starship Cut-Outs" using a scissors. As always take care when using sharp objects and supervise children!

Step 2: Playing the Game

When playing the game, regular battleship rules can apply however, I have made a few rules specific to this version of the game:

  • Place your ship on the Starship grid in any X or Y axis
  • The aim is to destroy all of the enemy ship's primary systems
  • Each player has two shots per turn
  • Use the targeting grids to mark hits and misses with a pencil
  • No damage is taken to the ship until the shield array/generator has been targeted twice
  • If you hit the enemy ship's shield array/generator once, the opponent must declare "Hit, shields damaged"
  • If you hit the enemy ship's shield array/generator a second time, the opponent must declare "Hit, shields off-line"
  • If you hit a square of an enemy ship while shields are up, but you fail to hit the shield array/generator, the opponent must declare "Hit, shields on-line"
  • With the shields off-line, if you hit the enemies phaser/blaster array, their firing capability is reduced from two shots per turn to one
  • Once the shield array/generator has been hit twice, the warp drive, main bridge, and phaser/blaster array need to be hit one time each to destroy the ship

The game could be expanded with the addition of different ship designs, resulting in the primary systems locations being more diverse.

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    4 years ago

    This is going to make a great father's day gift for my dad. Thanks for the ible!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks, glad you like it. Would be cool if you could let me know how you get on when you play it, curious to know if you play by my suggested rules and how that works out for you.