Star Trek Travel-Pod

Introduction: Star Trek Travel-Pod

Cool object that you Star Trek fans can make into a cool Christmas tree ornament.

Step 1: Getting Started

First you have to make different planes to sketch on. Dimension the planes as shown in the pictures. Make sure it is the right size to fit your maker-bot.

Step 2: Drawing the Pod

You are going to sketch 2 identical planes that look like A key and free throw line on a basketball court. You are going to draw those on the very top plane and the bottom plane. Then in the middle plane sketch the same thing but the sides going outwards 6 degrees. 

After you sketch those make those sketches into one solid piece. That is going to be your base structure from which you can make your own travel-pod.

Step 3: O-Ring Emblem

You are going to sketch a circle centered and that fits on the back of your pod just like the one in the example. Then insert a picture onto your sketch and spline the emblem onto the center of the circle.

Step 4: Decals

Now you can insert decals as you wish. In a separate sketch you insert the picture decal you would like to insert and spline sketch it. Then you would extrude it to about .10 inches. Save it and then open up the travel-pod and insert and mate the decals onto the pod. Very intricate designs will greatly slow down the time on the production of the pod. Here are some decals that I used on my pod.

Step 5: Saving Time and Materials.

To save some time and materials on this you may want to hollow out the inside. You may also want to cut a window hole which looks great. This can take an hour off of production time.

Step 6: Sorry!

Sorry for not having the actual printout of the part. I was not able to schedule a time to make this due to my schools robotic team making an awesome robot!

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