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This is a custom clock made for someone whose two main interests are Star Trek and riding her bike. After looking at the Star Trek icon for a while I figured that its shape would make a great cutout for a chainring and this thing came to be.

This is made up of two layers of 1/8" acrylic. The top layer is white acrylic and was painted with Krylon Charcoal Gray Hammered Finish Rust Protector. The bottom layer is black acrylic and was painted with Krylon Dual Mandarin Orange. The clock movement is a smooth sweep movement and came from Klockit.

The black star shapes and the base are the color of the black acrylic and were kept from being painted by cutting those shapes out of the protective covering. The pictures show what I mean a little better.

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    Thank you so much! I love my clock! And it's even more special that I got to see how it was made. I've never received a hand made gift in one of these exchanges, though I've given them. So it was truly awesome to get something like this!

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