Star Vs. the Forces of Evil Wand

Introduction: Star Vs. the Forces of Evil Wand

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Welcome to my Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil wand build! If you are interested in building your own then feel free to follow along.


  • BondoCraft Wood4" Floral Foam Ball
  • PLA 3D filament
  • Smooth-On Oomoo25
  • Amazing ResinCrylon
  • Clear Coat
  • Crylon Paint
  • BASIC Acrylic paint
  • 400 grit Sandpaper1200 grit Sandpaper

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Step 1: Bondo for Props?!

I purchased a 4" floral foam ball, a wooden dowel rod, and some scrap pieces of wood.

I shaped the ball and applied Bondo that I had in the shop. Once the Bondo cured I attached the rod and once that was cured I began to sand the pieces.

Step 2: Sand, Prime, Sand, Prime...

Once the prop was sanded using wet / dry sandpaper from 400 to 1200, I primed the piece and began to add the pieces that accompany the prop.

I used crafting wood to make the wings for the prop. The cut was not so precise so I filled in the gaps using more Bondo.

Step 3: 3D Printed Parts

Once the wings were sanded smooth I then printed out 3D parts using my Anet A8 printer.

I sanded and primed the pieces and then attached them to the prop.

I then used Original Sculpey to model the butterflies that go on the front and back of the wand. I made a mold of the butterfly using Smooth-On Oomoo25 and Amazing Resin, then gave the wand another coat of Primer.

Step 4: Assembly and Paint

Once all the pieces were painted and ready, I assembled the pieces and painted the wand.

I then used a Matte Clear Coat spray paint to seal in the paint and protect the prop.

Step 5: ​STEP 05 All Done!

Lastly I painted the fine details and the wand was done!

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