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Introduction: Star Wars At-St Walker Costume

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I wanted to make a cool costume for my son... It was supposed to be a stormtrooper. I Then saw a video of the walker as a costume and thought it would be the perfect costume for my son. Next time I will build one for myself. He will grow out of this one pretty fast. But it will make a great star wars prop for my living room after!

Step 1: AT-ST Walker Costume

So I went and printed every screen pic I could find. The ones that helped most were 3-d computer models that students have made for class in graphic arts or something. After I had all the references I could find I started gathering The supplies...

Step 2: Supplies for the Build.

So here is a list of things needed to get started, - so...I went to Home Depot and started getting supplies.

1. Cardboard boxes...I went heavy duty, they are thicker than normal.

2. Box cutting knife

3. Pencils for marking lines

4. Measuring tape

5. Ruler and Yard stick for cutting straight lines

6. Hot glue gun(I use a small and large gun) and lots of glue sticks...lots.

7. Wood dowels for pivots

8. Screws and washers for pivots

9. Straps for hanging walker head on shoulders

10. Velcro for various covers as well as magnets if needed

11. Pipes for guns/Blasters and pivots for guns.

12. Resin for hardening and waterproofing.

13. Bondo for smoothing.

14. Paint for color and realism.

Step 3: The Head

Start the shaping process...I made it a certain size and then cut it down after some carefull calculations. I then got the round shapes placed on the side for the gun mounts. Next was cutting the eye holes. I used sticks to simulate the shocks that hold up the eye ports. After that it was armor on the side, looking at reference photos i cut out and glued them on. Finally was the top hatch. I cut a hole and then a piece of cardboard bigger to cover the hole. I made a hinge out of cardboard and 2 sizes of pvc. Hot glue the crap out of it and hope it holds!

Step 4: Mid Section and Guns

Used pictures to shape these items. All of the guns have pivot points and can be worked from inside the head. I used a 5/8 and a 3/8, just hast to fit inside the other...Also use it for all the guns. For them I just made boxes in the shapes that were close to the pictures and cut holes for the pipes. I used a pringles can for the mini gun on the right side. I have used many things to glue together but since i am impatient >>>I use hot glue. Don't burn yourself tho!!!

Step 5: The Legs, Feet and Armor

Start measuring and just cutting to give the shapes you see on the computer screen. And some artist interpretation is involved because there are also different pics and versions. Does not have to be perfect! I use wooden dowels for the pivots, just poked a hole in the cardboard and put a screw at the end. I also made covers for all the pivots so you don't see screw heads. Look at the pictures and search on the computer for the shapes. Even if the screw heads were seen im sure its fine. The last big thing is....Find a way to hook the walkers feet to some shoes and it will walk with the wearers feet. I used some simpson ties at home depot.

Step 6: Last Fitting Before Resin and or Just Paint.

Screw all the joints together. Make sure all the straps fit in all the right places. Off to resin each part which can take the most time, that and bondo.....if you want it perfect and hard, you must do both. It can take too much time to sand but it's worth it! There are many ways to finish the cardboard like wood glue, resin, and modge podge (to seal the cardboard). You can just paint the walker from here if you like and you are ready to scare little kids!

Step 7: Resin Bondo and Paint

I went ahead and used a whole bunch of techniques to finish the walker. I used resin to seal the cardboard. Then i used bondo to smooth it out and sharpen all the edges. After you are happy with how smooth you can apply some paint. I used a car primer to achieve the grey paint. Here is a link to the Youtube video....

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    Question 6 months ago

    Awesome build!! You really did an incredible job. The dimensions look so specific for me to try to recreate with just you have a pattern to share or sell?

    Quick question, where did you get the stormtrooper helmet? I've been looking around for a good one but can't find any!

    1 reply

    Mine is an efx helmet. They are $250 or so....try Anovos. theirs is cheaper and more screen accurate. efx is too perfect...and too large. Anovos is way better.

    cant see how i missed this one???, its epic, nice work

    I will post a video soon! my son will have to test it before we go trick or treating. Not sure it's gonna be easy. lol

    It looks amazing Jeremy! I can't wait to see what you do next year

    1 reply

    Thanks! Hope somebody gets some inspiration to do their own.

    So proud of my son.
    Awesome costume !

    oh man... if you make this sit around the torso and put on the upper half of a chewy costume

    This is super awesome. I would love to see a video of you walking in it.

    1 reply

    Thanks! When I finish the paint in the next 2 weeks I will update the instructable and upload a video for sure!

    Thanks! I'm not completely finished...should have a better instructable in a few weeks as I add more pics, and maybe some more steps.