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Introduction: Star Wars Button Bracelets

I've always loved the idea of button bracelets, and have also recently noticed that the characters in Star Wars all follow really interesting colour palettes, so I decided to make a pattern for button bracelets which follow the colour schemes of various Star Wars: The Force Awakens characters including BB-8, Rey and Finn.

Since these are super easy to make, they would be suitable for kids, but are also nice enough for adults or teenagers to wear.

I've made R2-D2 here, but there are plenty of other colour schemes too.

I hope you like this pattern :)

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials


Buttons in various colours (see next step). They should be different styles and sizes so the bracelets look more retro.

Cord - this can be embroidery thread, wool, shoelaces, nylon thread or even string. (see next step).

Clear nail varnish OR clear glue.



Cocktail stick

Step 2: Choose Your Character

Here are the colour palettes for a few of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens characters:

You can use any of the colours for the embroidery thread, but I would recommend the first one in each list.

BB-8: parchment/off-white, dark orange, dark grey, black,

Rey: parchment/off-white, beige, chocolate brown, pale blue,

Finn: light brown, chocolate brown, red, dark grey,

Han Solo: light brown, chocolate brown, grey, grey-blue

General Leia: light grey, deep purple, mint green, chocolate brown,

Poe Dameron: white, dark orange, dark grey, black, red, chocolate brown

R2-D2: white, navy blue, bright blue, pale blue, light grey

Luke Skywalker: parchment/off-white, sandy blond, pale blue, light grey, grey-brown

Here is a file so you can download and print off the colour scheme. This will mean you can compare the colours when you're buying your buttons.

Step 3: Order the Buttons

Next, you need to order the buttons. I would recommend not putting them in an exact order because that might look too organised, but I would also recommend not putting really similar buttons next to each other either. Instead, you should try different orders to see what works the best. You must put a large button at the end, though, because that will be the way you fasten it.

Step 4: Thread the Buttons

Measure the cord by wrapping it around around your wrist or the wrist of the person who's having the bracelet. Double that, and add 5 cm to it.

Tie a slip knot in the middle of the length of thread. It must be the right size to hold the button at the end which will secure the bracelet on your wrist.You may need to adjust it a bit. Using the cocktail stick, dab a bit of clear nail varnish onto the knot to secure it.

Taking your buttons one at a time, thread them onto the cord. If the button has four holes, thread the first thread through the bottom two holes, but if it has two holes, just thread both thread through together.

Keep threading on the buttons in the order you planned previously leaving little gaps so it isn't too crowded. Measure it around your wrist when it looks the right length.

Step 5: Secure the Buttons

Using your clear nail varnish or glue and a cocktail stick, dab the underside of the button to secure the button on the thread. Repeat with each button until you reach the end. Leave to dry.

Tie the loose ends of the thread in a thumb knot (granny knot) around the button, then cut the ends and stop them fraying by dabbing them with some clear nail varnish. Leave to dry.

I hope you like this project :) I'm planning on making some more colour schemes in the future, perhaps for some Disney or Harry Potter characters, so watch this space! Let me know what characters you would like to see - and make sure you post pictures if you make this project: I'd love to see what you've made!

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    4 years ago

    Thanks for including the color chart! I'm going to do this with my kids.


    4 years ago

    A friend of mine LOVES BB-8, this will be the perfect 'just because' gift for her. Thank you for sharing this craft!


    Reply 4 years ago

    I'm glad you like it! Can you post a picture when you've made it? I'd love to see :)