Star Wars Cardboard Light Sabers




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Is the Force strong within you? Wield your own lightsaber made out of a simple paper towel roll. All of your Star Wars young Jedi will be ready to fight the Sith with this easy reuse project.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To make your lightsaber, you will need the following materials:

Paper towel cardboard roll

Duct tape ($1 from the Dollar Store)

Construction paper (one sheet)

Scotch tape

Sticker dots

Step 2: Create Your Handle

Cut one strip of duct tape.

Wrap around the bottom of the cardboard roll.

Cut a second strip of duct tape.

Wrap around the cardboard roll above the bottom strip.

See image for reference.

Step 3: Your Finished Handle

Your light saber handle should look like the above photo.

Step 4: Cut Your Lightsaber Color

Line up the bottom of your construction sheet flush with the top of the lightsaber handle.

Cut horizontally at the top of the cardboard roll to get rid of the excess construction paper

Step 5: Wrap the Blade

Align the bottom of the construction paper flush with the top of the handle.

Tape the top and bottom of the construction paper to the cardboard roll.

Wrap the construction paper around the cardboard roll multiple times until you reach the end of the paper.

Secure the end of the paper with a piece of tape on the top and bottom of the construction paper.

Step 6: Design Your Buttons

Choose two sticker dots to represent the on and off switch on the lightsaber.

Stick one on the bottom and one on the top of the handle.

Step 7: Feel the Force

Your lightsaber is complete.

Impressed with you, I am.



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