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Introduction: Star Wars Chocolate Mould With X Carve CNC

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Make Stars Wars Chocolate Silicone Moulds with X-Carve CNC

Woodworking project video of making a silicone mould for chocolate using X Carve CNC from Inventables. Star Wars collaboration project in honor of Star Wars Day 2015

Using multiple techniques including Inventables X-Carve CNC, Silicone Moulds and playing with chocolate to create this cool tasty project.

For more information go to

Step 1: Secure Your Workpiece and Carve With

Secure a piece of plywood or similar material to the X-Carve it needs to be approximately 300mm x 300mm and 19mm thick.

Don’t forget to watch this YouTube video first to give you a good understanding of the entire process.

You can use the below link to open this in which is the software Inventables have created to run the X-Carve CNC machine.

The X-Carve will then carve out the parts needed to make the mould for chocolate

Step 2: Pour the Silicone Into the Star Wars Templates.

I’ve got my shapes cut out on the x carve

I’ve got a Tie Fighter The Rebels logo and Darth Vader’s profile the X-Carve did a pretty good job of it the edges are nice and smooth so the next thing we are going to do is get some food grade silicone this comes in 2 parts you typically get a part A and a Part B and then you mix them together and a chemical reaction goes on and then we will just pour these into the mould and let them set.

I used Barnes when I looked on the internet I found plenty of different brands if you can't find this one.

You want to make sure you mix this really well and fold it in on itself spray a little bit of olive oil on the wood to make it less likely to stick when pouring.

If you just try and pour slowly and finely so any bubbles burst on their way down

Step 3: Remove Silicone From Mould

You may want to watch the YouTube video for more detail on this.

I let the silicone dry overnight so its nice and hard, what I ended up doing is cutting through the template all the way through and then just gluing a backer board on it because I anticipated that they might be a little bit hard to get out.

You can then just split the boards apart and pop out the mold from the wood.

Take your time to peel the silicone off the wood.

Clean with warm soapy water to make sure there is not dust or wood on the silicone mould.

Step 4: Melt the Chocolate and Pour in Mould

Use a double bowl technique to melt the chocolate and pour it into the mold.

Get a pot of simmering water and then place a bowl over that and add the chocolate and stir and melt.

Shake the mould gently and pick up the edges and let them drop to make sure the Chocolate works it way into the corners and also gets out any air bubbles. Place the mold into the fridge.

Step 5: Remove Chocolate From Mould and Eat Darth Vaders Head

Take your time and carefully peel the silicone mould off the chocolate.

When done eat and enjoy :)

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    10 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Thx. Also lol to the duct tape and force joke.


    5 years ago

    Where do you get the X Carve and about how much does it cost?

    Warren Downes - One Wood
    Warren Downes - One Wood

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    You can get it from inventables there is a couple of different sizes, i have done a YouTube video with some more information on the machine here

    Warren Downes - One Wood
    Warren Downes - One Wood

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    If you go follow the link at the top of the page it will take you to the inventables website where i have it set up in you can get a free account, that will give you the plans you can also download the G-Code.