Star Wars Flash Drive




Turn your boring old flash drive into a piece of aweome Geekware. I used a mold of Han in Carbonite. I was inspired by Enter The USB and the like. I get cool ideas from and (of course) Instructables!

A flash drive
Something to put the flash drive into (a supercool mold of Han Solo in Carbonite, for example)
Something to attach it with (epoxy, duct tape, etc.)
Knife (or something else sharp and pointy)

**Possibly needed:
Scissors (to make the drive fit in the case)

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Step 1: Get Your Flash Drive

Obtain a flash drive. This can be done at any office supply or computer store.

**NOTE**: I am not in any way to be held liable for your actions, and/or any injury or destruction of property that may occur.

Step 2: Open 'er Up!

Take a knife (I'm using a standard knife I have from when I was in the Boy Scouts) and try to find the "seam", or the place where the plastic is fused together on the drive. Usually found along the sides. Once you've found it, place the sharpest and pointiest knife (or other thing, such as a letter opener) along the seam and press diagonally through the plastic. Eventually you should hear a cracking sound as your blade penetrates the plastic. With the point inside the plastic, work the knife back and forth (slowly and carefully!) along the side of the drive. Work it all the way around until all the plastic either comes off on its own or is easy to snap off. Mine snapped off after going only about half way.

Step 3: Find Some Kind of Case

I personally used a plastic action figure mold of Han Solo in Carbonite to house my flash drive. Pretty much anything that it will fit into without being A. Too small or B. Too heavy will work. Mine was a little on the large side, but that's fine because it was extremely light.

Step 4: Place the Bare Flash Drive in the Desired Position

Basically, put the flash drive where you want it to stick out. If there are no appropriate sized holes, cutting (or using a dremel, if you have one) might be needed. Be careful when cutting! I used heavy duty kitchen scissors to cut a small piece off of the top of the mold. (Yes I know the image is repeated :) )

Step 5: Attaching and Important Notes !!!

Attach the flash drive in some way to your case. For me, duct taping was enough. If you want it to look real purdy, you might want to use epoxy, available at most hardware stores. Lather an even coat over the drive if you choose to do it this way.

**IMPORTANT NOTES!!!** BEFORE attaching, make sure the read only/read and write switch (If you have one) is in the read AND write position, or else you will be able to view your data, but not add or remove any (I did this, and ended up having to perform "Surgery" [Cutting open the duct tape :)] on my already attached flash drive to fix it).

** It may sound dumb, but seriously. Be careful with the cutting. If you are young (like all the people I see in most online games I play :P) please, get someone else to help.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Awesome Piece of Coolness!

Seriously, have fun impressing your geek (If you're like me) friends. Go ahead. Gloating is just part of the overall package.

**Additional options: To make it even better, you can make your very own icon to show up when it's plugged in. To find a picture: I went to Google Advanced Image Search and search "Han Solo Carbonite" for the SMALL size only (to prevent it from distorting by needing to scale down).
Once you've found your picture:

On a Windows machine: Once the drive is plugged in, you can right-click on the name, go to Properties, and change the icon. If that doesn't work, search Google for "autorun maker custom icon", and follow the instructions there.

On a Mac: Open your picture in preview. Go to edit -> Copy. Close Preview. Right-click on the name, go to Get Info, click on the picture (It should now be highlighted) and hit Command (Apple) V, or go to edit -> Paste.

Thanks for using my Instructable. Any comments are welcome (except for "OMG wtf U suxx so bad LOL") and because this is my first Instructable, I probably will need some advice.


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    10 years ago on Step 6

    I've done something similar but used the Han Solo in carbonite mould as a 4 port USB hub. I cut all the square "panels" out of the side and glue gunned in the innards of a cheap USB hub. It worked really well as you can see from the pictures. All I need now is a piece of grey plastic for the back...

    3 replies

    10 years ago on Introduction

    where did you get the han solo thing, i am a huge starwars fan but i hate episode 3


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    %5 of ALL software is mac compatible, that means that %95 is for either linux or windows. So that's one of the reasons as to why mac programs are so expensive. That truly the only reason as to why i dont like mac. And you know Mac is this proverbial "people computer" but for school ive been using it for the past 5-6 week and still don't understand it, and i build computers so if really anybody was going to get the hang of it, it would be me....... but hay opinions are what make the world go around.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I build computers too, write code in HTML, Python, AppleScript and C++, and find mac the best. Windows is just terrible in every possible way, and when something goes wrong in Ubuntu, Red Hat, Solaris or FreeBSD, you find yourself looking through the bios for hours trying to fix the issue. Besides, Wine (the windows to linux converter) is a pain, and a lot of thing don't even have GUI.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    yes, i would have to agree as far as writeing code etc, but for the average users that only use it for every day things windows i feel is worthy....


    11 years ago on Introduction

    or I could have a good mac that won't need to be fixed; for the life of the machine, everything will work as it should. I don't mind paying a little extra for the quality and OSX included. /ends flame war


    11 years ago on Introduction

    erm ok, lets start off with this shall we, i was enjoying our little discussion until that last post 'Theres no point arguing to a cocky fanboy' from a memeber with the following stats. Instructables: 1 Comments: 9 Groups: 2 Im a member of a community here, and this community has a be nice policy, it appears rite underneath your comment as you type it. You comment has been flagged, and will be dealt with accordingly.