Star Wars Han Solo and Princess Leia Love!




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Is there anything more geeky and romantic than Star Wars love?
I think not.

Step 1: What You Will Make One.

You'll need:
Silhouette cutter machine  (or a hobby knife and patience)
contact paper and transfer paper

I used my silhouette to cut out contact shelf lining's cheap, but so hard to see!
But it's so cheap!  I buy this at the dollar store.

If you are using a Silhouette Cameo
My silhouette settings are:
Blade set to 5, cut depth on the software set to 1.
Cut speed at 3...better to go slow.
Carefully applied to wood with transfer
tape for the perfect stencil!

Of course you can print off the image and cut the contact paper out with a hobby knife as well.
Just takes some time and patience.

Step 2: Painting Wood for the Perfect Silhouettes!

I pulled some scrap wood out of the garage and painted it sort of a creamy off white!
(I also did one without the painted white background)

I used the silhouette cut contact paper with transfer paper over the
top of it and carefully peeled it off the backing.
I pressed it onto the wood and made sure the edges formed a tight seal.
I painted the silhouettes of Han and Leia
and painted those well as the all too famous caption!

I love you.  I know.

Step 3: You Know You Want One.

In a true Star Wars Geek Love fashion...
And since I know YOU want one's the file image I used.

Princess Leia and Han Solo silhouettes.
And yes, Leia's Cloud City hair.

Step 4: Slight Distressing.

I finished mine off with light sanding the edges and a wax finish.

I put 2 eye screws in the back with a little piece of connecting hanging wire for the perfect hanging set-up!

Awesome right?

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3 years ago

you had me at "I know" :)


5 years ago on Introduction

Thank you for uploading the bust's of Han and Leia. They will be grate for my school project


6 years ago on Introduction

So you used the transfer paper as a way of getting not all the paint onto the board? I guess I'm a little confused as to its position and purpose.


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

YAY!!!!! That is what I love to hear! Congratulations on your 12th anniversary of getting your geek on ....oh yeah and marriage ;-)

I love it too...from far, it looks classy and like any other silhouette (like maybe us when we got married?)...but when people read the saying they flip out! It's a hit!

The Rambler

6 years ago on Introduction

Gah! Need. to. make. for. my. wife.

Nerd-out moment, did you know that Harrison Ford ad-libbed that line?

1 reply

Ha ha! Nerd-out moment--too funny!
Ya, I heard he added that line part of the movie! :)
Do it--You're wife will love it!


OMG! My inner nerd just got so excited to see this. Such a good project, you have been killing it lately, Doodlecraft!

1 reply