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About: i am an aspiring prop maker and keen sci-fi fan. i found this site a few years back and i did not know i'd ever love it this much! i'm mostly into Assassin's Creed cosply and Star Wars Cosplay.

Hello all! i'm here bringing you another cosplay WIP! I WILL BE UPDATING THIS AS I MAKE IMPROVEMENTS TO THE COSPLAY. this one is more a wardrobe throw together with a few little mods. This time, it's an Imperial Officer. The Black suit is worn by the high ranking Imperial Officers who usually serve directly under Darth Vader's command, this outfit is worn by some of the officers in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, this is worn by Barrie Holland, who coined the phrase "you rebel scum"

Now i've given a little info on them, time to tell you what you need for it, depending on what officer type you're doing, you can change the colours, like the typical light olive green or grey

a formal jacket, prefably one bigger than your actual size (either in Black, Olive Green or Grey)

A short brim black cap (either in Black, Olive Green or Grey)

A belt with a large, rectangular silver buckle (Black, Olive Green or Grey) (silver buckle is a must)

An elasticated lace with a toggle on it (the thing that looks like a noose) (Black, Olive Green or Grey)

A sheet of Cardboard

Electrical Tape (Silver, Red and Blue, they're the rank bar colours)

Formal Trousers (Black, Olive Green or Grey)

Wellies (Black, Olive Green or Grey)

A Star Wars blaster

A Silver Button

Step 1: The Torso

The torso can be done by using the large formal jacket of your colour, the belt and Elasticated lace with the toggle.

Put the jacket on, do it all the way up, where the collar splits, tuck one side in and put the elasticated lace and toggle around it and do it up, make sure you don't choke yourself with it being too tight, you can tuck the laces in the jacket.

Put the belt on around your belly and do that up to a comfortable fitting

Step 2: The Rank Bar

Cut a strip of cardboard to 4cm long and 1cm upwards and put that strip to one side. Cut another strip of the same length and height, then cut strips of 0.5cm and 1cm upwards, you'll want 4 strips of this, using the tape, make two red and two blue, then that first strip you cut out, the 4X1cm strip, make that silver.

Now with a little hot glue, you can hot glue each 0.5X1 to the silver strip, just space them evenly.

To attach it to the jacket, you can tape a safety pin to the back.

That will be your Torso done

Step 3: The Cap

For the cap, you'll need silver thread, quicksilver paint and 2 buttons, one bigger than the other.

First of all, you'll need to prime both buttons, this will help the paint stick to them better.

Once both have been painted, sew the bigger button on to the front of the cap. Once it's sewn on, glue the smaller button on top, Blu-Tac works well too!

Once that's done, try on your costume

Step 4: Crush a Rebellion

and that's your costume done!

Until next time



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    3 years ago

    Just wanted to say, your neck instructions are a little vauge.

    Other than that, 10/10.

    Great job, mate!