Star Wars Jawa Costume Voice Module

Introduction: Star Wars Jawa Costume Voice Module

I'm working on a couple of Jawa costumes for my son and baby brother to wear at the upcoming AdventureCon in Tennessee. To add that extra umph of realism, I decided to make a Jawa voice module. The total cost for the project is around $20 and is easy to make with parts from RadioShack.

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Step 1: First, Go to RadioShack and Get All the Parts You Need

Here are the parts you'll need:

9V Recording Module - RadioShack catalogue number 276-1323 : $10.99

1/8" Mono Phone Plug - RadioShack catalogue number 274-0286 : $2.99 (pack of 2)

Enercell 9V Alkaline Battery - RadioShack catalogue number 230-0853 : $4.49

Also, you'll need a soldering gun and very thin solder.

Step 2: Solder the Phone Plug to the Mic Wires

Attached to the voice module is a small microphone. Either desolder or cut the microphone from the wires, making sure to leave the wires connected to the sound board. Solder the 1/8" phone plug to the wires, making sure the black wire is soldered to the longer prong, the red to the shorter prong.

Step 3: Finished Product

This is what the finished product looks like. The white button is record, the grey button on the module is playback.

Step 4: Next, Go Get the Sound File

Go to this website:

Mix your sound as you wish. Its easy to do: just drag and drop. The voice recorder can hold up to 20 seconds of sound. 

Step 5: Record Your Sound

After you're happy with your sound, plug the recording module into your computer's headphone jack. Then click play on the sound mixer and push and hold the record button on the voice module. Viola! You now have a Jawa voice module! Once I complete the mask and get the module installed, I'll post more.

Step 6: Jawa Voice Module in Action

Step 7: The Mask Into Which the Module Will Be Installed

I'm working on re-creating this costume now. Once I get the mask finished and the voice module installed, I'll post the process here. Check out for the complete Jawa costume tutorial. By far the BEST I've ever seen. Here are some pics of the mask in progress and the finished product. Thanks to TD 8733 (James Ross) of the 501st Legion for providing the costume tutorial.

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