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Introduction: Star Wars Longboard

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Step 1: Cut Your Blanks

I used 4mm ply and cut 4 blanks to approx 255x1000mm.

Step 2: Get Laminating

I used regular PVA glue and sandwiched my 4mm ply layers together.

Step 3: Get Clamping

I wanted to try and create a drop board to give me a lower centre of gravity. I didn't have a fancy bag press but do have a lot clamps and small bits of wood to use as wedges to bend the board into my desired shape. I hear soaking the ply in water would make it more flexible for next time??

Step 4: Allow to Dry for 24hr

Step 5: The Bent Blank

After 24hrs in the clamps the board is set in tge desired shape.

Step 6: Design Your Template

I created my template in tech soft 2D design tool and laser cut it out of card. I then cut the deck out on the band saw.

Step 7: Get Sanding

Step 8: Laser Engraving

I spent a few hours trawling google for Star Wars graphics and designed my composition on Photoshop, saved as a JPEG and set my laser cutter to work.
Mark and drill the holes. Attach trucks and wheels.
The deck still needs grip taping but that'll have to wait until pay day.

Step 9: Grip Tape

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    5 years ago

    Big Star Wars fan, love the design. Can I get a copy of your files? Also, where can I get the laser engraving? If not, any other methods?


    5 years ago

    Awesome Longboard! I'm going to have to make one now. Can you send me the JPEGs of the top and bottom of your board? I know how much work you put in to them so I would really appreciate it.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work.

    You could try an build yourself a steam box, put the ply in there and when it's hot enough - pull it out and lay it over your forms. It will be more flexible/pliable for you to bend. Steam-boxes aren't expensive or difficult to build your own. Also, use MDF or ply to build your template/forms and shape them to the curve you want by cutting, sanding etc. Then you'll just need to lay your ply on top of these forms and clamp.

    Love the Star Wars theme - Im a big fan and was there to see it for the first time in the theatre when it first came out in 77 :~)