Star Wars Rebels Cartoon Hero Hera.

Introduction: Star Wars Rebels Cartoon Hero Hera.

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I am making a Hera costume from common every day items. This post is for her boot armor and ankle blaster gun. I will include cheap ways to get your materials. The boots, blaster, holster and boot armor cost about $30.00 all together.


1. One five gallon plastic bucket. $5.00 at hardware stores and Walmart.

2. One Nerf pistol with ankle holster. $ 15.00 at Walmart.

3. One pair of dark brown knee high boots. $7.00 at Good Will or Salvation Army.

4. Hot glue gun and glue.

5. One scrapbooking heat gun.

6. One can of silver spray paint for plastics. $5.00 at Walmart.

7. One can of Black Gloss spray paint.

8. One can of Silver Metallic spray paint.

9. Fine grit sand paper.

10. One black Sharpie marker.

11. One Dremel tool with cutting tool pictured in tutorial.

12. One pair of thick leather gloves. To protect your hands from the hot plastic you'll be bending.

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Step 1: Cutting Your Plastic.

First you need to take your Dremel or angel grinder and cut the top and bottom of the bucket off. Next cut a straight line down the middle of the plastic, creating one long piece of plastic. Next cut a strip from the plastic that is about 7 inches long and 5 inches wide.

Step 2: Measure Your Plastic.

Place the sheet of plastic across the boot so the ankle is centered. Take your Sharpie and mark a U-Shaped line around the ankle as pictured above. Now figure out where the base of the toes would be and mark your plastic sheet there. You are going to use your Dremel tool to cut an ankle hole in the top of the plastic and cut the excess plastic off of the bottom so it doesn't cover the toes.

Step 3: Boot Cover Cut Out.

As you can see above, your cut outs should look like this. Save the straight end pieces because you're going to use them to help keep the boot armor on your boots.

Step 4: Bending Your Plastic.

Take your heat gun and your put on your leather gloves. Heat up the under sides of the boot armor near the edge of your ankle cuts. Heat it in a straight line across the narrow part of the plastic. Bend the plastic into the shape of a U. This is so the end product will fit over the top of your boot. Repeatedly heat both sides of the boot armor and bend it until it fits the boot with your hand on the inside.

Step 5: Placing the Plastic in Place.

Take your Dremel tool and cut a slot on each side of your U shaped plastic sheet. Do this about a half inch from the bottom. This is so you can slide the long piece of plastic you cut off of your boot armor across the bottom. As pictured above, there should be enough plastic to stick out of the sides by about an inch.

Now take out your heat gun and heat up the tabs and bottoms of the U shaped plastic. The idea is to bend the corners down flat, and melt the U shaped plastic bottoms to the long piece of plastic that runs under the boot. Remember to hold all heated plastic in place until it cools so that it will hold its shape.

Once the plastic pieces are melted together, cut the ends off the piece of plastic that run under the boot. You can use your Dremel to smooth out the cuts after you're done. Take your hot glue gun and glue the inside of the plastic pieces together for extra strength. Next take two pieces of Velcro near the under heal of the boot and the other two pieces on the inside of your boot armor. As in the picture above, your U shaped plastic should look like this.. Next use very fine sand paper and sand down your boot cover so the paint will stick.

Get your can of silver spray paint and paint your boot covers with at least 4 layers.

Step 6: Paint and Place.

Take your Nerf gun and paint the pistol black. Paint the holster brown. Once dry, clip the gun and holster to the boot on your right side. You are done !!! Here is your Star Wars Rebels " HERA " costume boots !!!! May The Force Be With You !!!!

Step 7: Star Wars Rebels Cartoon Hera Boots.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    As always, please remember to wear eye and mouth protection ! Plastic dust can hurt your eyes and clog your lungs. Going blind or getting lung cancer is not worth a few cool costumes. I'm not kidding, the dust that comes from cutting and sanding this plastic will cause physical harm if it gets in your eyes or is breathed in !!!! No JOke !!! Wear a face mask and fully sealed eye protection googles !!!