Star Wars Rey Blaster and Outfit

Introduction: Star Wars Rey Blaster and Outfit

About: Self employed t-shirt maker with 2 cats, 1 husband and a cupboard full of crafty stuff! Junk build cosplayer. Current Cosplay I'm working on: Captain America.

So this was my first cosplay attempt! Alas, I deleted some of the actualy outfit construction but I'll note what I used and how and you can see the finished result. It got a lot of positive feedback at Sarborough Comic con :)

Step 1:

For the blaster I used a basic mop pole which was wood coated in platic. I left the end on and used various bits and pieces I'd found or seen other people use on here. They were:

A coke bottle!

The top of a screw head kit (the perspex top end)

An old door nob

Green wire

Two corner supports with holes in for the strap to attatch too

The mop fibres

Cardboard and string.

I glued it all together with a glue gun. The cat's there for scale :)

The pole was a little smaller than I'd liked so If I remade I'd get a longer length from my local wood workers.

Step 2:

This is it after I'd spray painted it. I used a normal matt spray paint. I then used some surplus fabric from the outfit to make the grip section and the strap. I also used some gold stamp ink and eyeshadow to age it. I didn't have any decent paint or treatments for it so used what I had!

Step 3:

This is the blaster treated and the finished fabric wrap and strap.

Step 4:

These are the arm band and the pouch both made from leather. i got the leather from my craft shop then cut and stitched it myself. The arm band I put a popper on to hold it in place and the bag has a small strap on the back so I could string it on to my belt.

Step 5:

So this is the final outfit! My hair wasn't that long so I could only just do the triple bun haha. The clothing was as follows:

Trousers: Linen from charity shop. I cut the bottoms off the used some of the fabric from the top to make ties on the bottom.

Top: stretchy tee from charity shop. I cut the sleeves and neck line off and re used the fabric on the trousers and blaster pole.

Body wrap: Chiffon curtain from IKEA. I used one, cut it to size and wonder webbed it together. I kept the edges frayed for a more natural look. They were bright white to start with but I used black paint and water in a spray bottle to dirty them up. Had to spray them a few times. I used this on the trousers and t shirt too.

Arm bandages: From a first aid kit. Again sprayed with black paint and rubbed with dark eye shadow.

Belts and shoes: Mine

My local merch shop has a 3D printer so I'm hopefully getting the gun made up for the outfit and I had a lightsaber too but it was too much to carry both! Please get in touch if you want any other info It was a bit slap dash but I was happy with the end result :)

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    Nice job! I just love the whole costume :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you!


    3 years ago

    The blaster looks really great!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Ah thanks so much! :)