Star Wars Sweater, Luke and Wampa




Change that "ugly Christmas" sweater into wearable art.  I searched and found icicle sweaters on e bay.  (After Christmas there were better prices)  I made my Luke patches from felt.  The Wampa was made from a stuffed animal, that was cut in half, and de-stuffed. 

After the patches were cut.  I used hot glue to tack them together.  I used sewing pins to attach the patches to the sweater, and hand stitched the patches in place.

The whole Star Wars sweater took 12 hours to complete. 

This Star Wars sweater will take over one million complements, and a life time of enjoyment.



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2 years ago

This one on Instructables is a copy of the sweater that my wife made.

Here's a link to the original.

Just giving credit where it's due. I'm sure the author of this article meant to link to the original but it just slipped her mind.