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Introduction: Star Wars TIE Fighter Kirigami

I came across some pictures online about kirigami and I thought it looked really cool without needing al lot of tools so I wanted to try it. I searched on the internet for some examples and I saw some pictures from Star Wars kirigami. I really liked the idea and I tried to make my own TIE Fighter.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You don't need a lot of tools or materials. You only need a sharp knife, a cutting mat or board or just a piece of wood and a printer or a pencil if you want to draw it yourself. A ruler might come in handy to fold the lines.

You can work with a normal A4 paper or an other size but is better to use stronger paper than a normal piece of paper.

Step 2: Design the Template

I started by making some rough sketches to see how big the shapes should be and where I should fold the paper.
When I knew where I wanted to put everything on the paper I started drawing it in a program called Gravit. You could just draw it all by hand but I thought it would be easier to draw it on my computer and print it so I could make small adjustments without having to redraw everything.

When you design your template you have to make sure the parts that fold out are supported so they stay in place. In this case the wings support the main part that pops out and the front window is held up by two small supports that fold forward.

If your design isn't symmetrical you have to mirror your design because the printed side is on the back so you can't see the lines.

If you don't want to design the template yourself you can find a lot of different kirigami templates online or you can download my TIE fighter design here.

Step 3: Cut Out the Template

Carefully cut out the template. It's easiest if cut out the small details first and do the big lines later.
The red lines on the picture are the lines that you need to cut. Be sure you don't cut where you need to fold.

Step 4: Fold the Paper

Fold the paper so the printed lines are on the back. You can use a ruler for the long straight folds.
Put the sides of the body in the wings and rest the window on the folded supports.

Step 5: Finishing

Make sure al the folds are right and everything looks good.
You can still cut away some small pieces if the edges don't look good or if something doesn't completely fits.

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    4 months ago on Step 5

    This is amazing and helped me make an awesome card for my brothers birthday.

    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    2 years ago

    This is truly awesome! Great design and cutting. Thank you for showing it :-)