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So...this is gonna be one of my weirder projects, because it has absolutely nothing to do with wood. Well, I made some of the stuff with wood, but whatever.

I made this game a long time ago, with some of my friends. Since then, it's been one of our favorite projects, and I thought I'd add it to the collection.

Step 1: Starting the Game.

So, since I made this from scratch, it didn't turn out beautiful. In the first pic, are the tokens. When setting up the game, you scatter the tokens across the board, in pretty much any pattern you deem necessary. I'll get into that later.

Let me run you through the various Tokens;

The DS token stands for Death Star Token. When you collect these, there are little numbers on it; 1 and 2 (fourth and fifth picture). Essentially, your DS token has 2 shots on it. Once you received a DS token, you can scamper over to the Death Star and blow things up (fun!) When you've fired, you turn over the token, so the 1 is showing. This means there is 1 shot left on THAT token (2 shots per token)

The weird-looking strings with clay ends are called Rangefinders. They help you measure your movements and shots. There are 2 of these devices. The small rangefinder measures your movements, and the longer one measures your firing distance. If the Long Rangefinder is touching your opponent's ship, you can blow them up.

You may be wondering what the two little characters are. Well, let me explain; they are power-ups. If you collect 3+ Victory Points (these are earned by getting the most money or being the winner), you can 'purchase' a character. They do different things, like double your money or add more health to your score.

Step 2: Concerning Tokens

So, what are these little different-colored thingy-mo-bobs? Well, quite obviously, I am about to explain that. Be patient.

Light blue tokens are shields. They protect you for 3 turns, when activated. You pick them up off the battlefield and carry them around, until you want to activate them. (Keep track of when you turned them on, otherwise it's called CHEATING)

Red Tokens; aka, Torpedoes. You gotta love these things. Blowing your friends up with little circles of painted wood is the best. Basically, these let you blow people up TWICE the range of the long rangefinder. They can also go around corners, something that is very helpful for hitting people behind asteroids.

Speaking of space-rock, let me talk about the ?Tokens. These are actually kinda fun. Once you pick it up, you are allowed to move an asteroid around, which means you can block gunfire, or squish another player (you have to squish them AGAINST something, like the base of the Death Star, or another Asteroid)

Currency is on the next step.


What does money do, you ask? What does money NOT do, I answer! This stuff's helpful. You can buy power-ups, ships, and upgrades for your ship. In another variant of this game (I won't cover that, though), you can purchase ship parts with money.

So, upon beginning this game, get a pen and a paper. Write down the players and their names, and start the gameplay. Every player has 3 health (sorry 'bout that, I messed up in the photo). If a player has a power-up, they can turn that on and increase their health.

Here's the money value;

Silver = 50

Gold = 100

Dark Blue = 500

Purple = 1,000

I have 15 golds and silvers, 5 blues and 2 purples.

Step 4: Game-play

The players start on opposite sides of the table. I like to put the Death Star in the middle, and have DS tokens leading up to it. It's also fun if you put all the valuable stuff (blue and purple coins, as well as vehicle tokens) in the center, close to the Death Star.

If you roll the mouse over the weird white square in the photos, I've written out some notes.

You shoot, then move. You can use a Torpedo at any point in your turn, however.

If you shoot an asteroid 3 times over the course of the game, you can destroy it and earn 300 points. I made the asteroids from polymer clay, and used a pencil to put little dents in it. After that, I fired it up in the oven and painted it.

Step 5: Closing

Note; players cannot be in the Death Star for more than 3 rounds. On the third round, you're kicked out. Also, you can only fire 1 shot per turn from the Death Star.

So there you go. Sorry if this I'dible is a little vague or over-detailed in places, I'll try and edit it if I find any mistakes.

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    1 year ago

    Super cool! I always wanted to make some board game as a kid, and it never happened xD