Star Wars Tatooine Hut Movie Fort



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     Forts are a great way for kids to get creative and spend some time pretending. Forts can be created from a very wide variety of materials. Pillow forts are constructed in to different phases: The first phase are the structural elements. Some of these could include chairs, couches, stools, and other various furniture. Get creative, if you are not creative, your fort will not be fun. For the structural support for my fort I used my couch in my living room, a large chair an ottoman, stools, and a cranium fort building set. These sets, though discontinued, are a great way for kids to get creative and build the building of there dreams.
     After you have built your frame, you will need to cover it. The options for covering it are as broad as the ocean. You can use sheets, blankets, pillows, cardboard, table cloths, anything that will cover your fort is fair game. For my hut's covering I used sheets, blankets, pillows, and two huge pieces of blue cloth. I don't know where they came from, but they work great.
     After I Built the fort, I added a light, an old TV, and put pillows on the floor to make it more comfortable. I put in my favorite episode of Star Wars and let the fun begin!
     Anyone can build a fort like this. If you do not have the same exact thing as I, you can find something and use that as your personal touch to a very old pastime, fort building.
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