Star Wars Miniatures Wall Decoration




Show off your spaceship miniatures, or as a unique gift to a Star Wars fan.
The idea is to show off your collection in the same was as a classic butterfly collection.

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Step 1: The Material

- "Ribba", a frame sold by IKEA
- Two miniatures
- Black paper, scissor
- Distance and screws

Step 2: The Mounting

I found that spacers used to mount a motherboard in a computer case was perfect. The diameter fits perfectly in the hole under the miniature.
Cut the black paper to size, use the back of the frame as a guide.

Step 3: Finishing

Drill 3mm holes through the paper and the back of the frame. Use your good judgement to decide where to place the holes. In my case I placed the miniatures slightly high up to leave room for labels.

Step 4: Finishing

Two Star Wars spaceship was perfect for this frame. You could use other Hasbro miniatures, and/or build a larger frame to show of you entire collection.
In the future I will add labels below the spaceships.

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    15 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Just spotted this, a nice idea.

    Potential for creating small battle scenes from the movie too ;)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! To add to the "butterfly collection" authenticity, I would put pins in them on the "wings." Now, perhaps not actually pin through them, but a dab of crazy glue and a pin cut in half.

    It would make it look like you caught them in the wild, and "pinned" them like a butterfly.

    1 reply

    13 years ago

    This is great! It reminds me of an amazing series of photographs that conceptual artists Max Becher and Andrea Robbins did back in 2002. They paired an original Star Wars figurine with a recent one in a double portrait of each character from the films. They're funny and beautiful and really highlight the cultural changes between 1979 and now.

    You can see them here (unfortunately they're small, but you get the idea):

    1 reply

    11 years ago on Introduction

    A good shadow box and maybe a good plague to tell observers what they are looking at would really look nice. Remember when we were kids, some of us had to collect butterfly's and put them into shadow boxes with labels? This project is a great idea and looks terrific. Maybe we'll see a darth vader in the cupboard later?

    1 reply

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    The inspiration for this box was in fact butterfly collection. I have intended to add some retro-looking plaque under each. For instance "Fighterus Ywingus" or something similar :-)


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Very kewl! I love it and so will my paper modeling group. Clik on my name and it will take you to the link. Thousands of free models to download. All skill levels. I think this can be made from that 1/4 in office board and transparent sheets. And would be lighter than wood!


    13 years ago

    this just screams GEEK im sorry i woundt put this anywhere in my house even though i own a few of these

    1 reply
    Very Keri

    12 years ago on Introduction

    That type of picture frame is called a shadow box. You can find them everywhere, not just Ikea. I do like how you took something cheap and plastic and made it look kinda classy by mounting it like a "butterfly" collection.


    13 years ago on Step 2

    Good tutorial with simple steps. I think the word you are looking for is "Spacers" not distances.


    13 years ago

    Awesome ! Probably my next room deco !


    13 years ago

    Linke the idea... I'm not myself a starwar fan but could find something nice to put in instead... Cool !