Star in the Dark




Introduction: Star in the Dark

This instructables is about a 3D printer. For our school project did we get the opportunity to work with a 3D printer in real life. We didn't had a lot of time for this project so we couldn't make something big. The project was about a fashionable Christmas gift because we are following a fashion education. Let's see how we did this.

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Step 1: the Design

We begun with drawing a sketch. As we said before our theme was a fashionable Christmas gift. We needed to think in the air and liked the idea of a jewelery. We drew a couple sketches and like this one, the one you can see in the picture the most because it was simple but nice and cute. We also thought of the material for the bracelet, it's good to think of that first because you're whole object can get messy if you pick the wrong material.

Step 2: Digitize

The next step was drawing this online. We used the website tinkercad it's a website where you can design you're product already in the air in that way you can save it and print in right away. But for now back to designing. By chance there was a other user that already designed a bracelet with stars we copied it and made it our own. If you have a design and want to draw it yourself. Just click on make a new design and you can use al kinds of figures. The website is very easy so anyone can make something. We chose for a transparent black bracelet because we thought it would be cool. What we didn't think about is that we couldn't print it like that, but we will come to that part.

Step 3: Printing

Now we've came to the part where we actually went printing. The whole week during this project we were settled in a library. It wasn't a regular library, no in this library are multiple machines to create something with. We used the 3D printer. Before we could go printing we downloaded our design on a USB-stick. With that USB-stick could with put our design on a computer there and move it to the program called Cura. In that program we changed the size of our product so it would fit on our arms. Because we used Cura we couldn't print our design transparent. You copy it to another program and in Cuba we tried to change the color and transparency but that didn't work. Then we installed the 3D printer. By that you could think of putting the SD card in the machine were the file on is, put the right colour in the machine, we chose for the colour matt black, let the machine pre heating. If all of these things are oké, you can start printing. Then it is just a matter of waiting.

Step 4: Finishing Touch

The machine did half an hour of printing our bracelet. When he was finished, we turned the 3D printer off and took our bracelet. As you can see on the picture are the stars not pretty jet. we used a stanley knife and a pincet to cut out the parts from the stars that we didn't wanted there. That was very easy through the layers that our bracelet have.

Step 5: Star in the Dark

And then there it was our personally bracelet that we designed and made to this. We hope that we gave you enough information about how we made it and we would love it if you also would made this. We definitely love doing this and had a lot of fun.

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    2 years ago

    That's a cute bracelet :)