Intro: Supplies

2 mini clothes-pins
2 normal sized clothes-pins
Hot glue
White paint
Small paper banner(optional)

Step 1: Preparations

Break the clothes-pins in half (length-wise). Paint the mini ones white

Step 2: Star of Bethlehem Christmas Ornaments

Here's a cute and easy Christmas ornament to make for a Christian family/person. :)

Step 3: Glue Them

Glue the clothes-pins back to back (mini to mini & big to big) with hot glue. Be careful not to burn yourself! Do this to all of them

Step 4: Make 2 X's

Glue the clothes-pins so that the bank g ones for an "X" shape. Do that same thing to the smaller ones (do not glue the mini and regular clothes-pins together, have 2 separate X's, one small and one big)

Step 5: Glue the X's Together

Glue the X's together with the smaller ones on top. Do not align them perfectly. One should be "+" shaped compared to the "X" shaped one on bottom.

Step 6: Twine

Glue a loop of twine to the top of one of the larger clothes-pins so that you can hang it up on a Christmas Tree.

Step 7: Banner

This last step is optional. You can print out a small banner or slip of paper with a quote, picture, or sentence and glue it on. Mine is a bible reference. Use hot glue to attach it.

Step 8: Hang It Up!

Finally hang it up or wrap it as a gift! Have a Merry Christmas!!! :D



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