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I'm really fascinated by 'Earendils star', that bottle from the trilogy of 'The Lord of the rings', the one Frodo gets from Galadriel. I wanted to have my own bottle, but, too bad, it wasn't for sale in the local stores. So I made my own, with an empty bottle of perfume, a LED, and some other things. if you want, go to the first step to make one yourself.

you will need:
1 bottle of perfume
1 bright (white/blue/red/green/yellow) Light Emitting Diode ( LED )
1 broken flashlight
2 pieces of wire of different colours
1 resistor (i think around 330 Ohm)
1 piece of thick, waterproof material
1 9v battery OR a button cell/coin cell

a vice,(a soldering iron if you want),

about the name: i have a book about the different shapes in the stars, and in it i found a special name, eridanus or something, and after 2 seconds i made eridanil of it. it means 'river' I think, and that's another symbol for the water in the bottle.

and please comment...

Step 1: The Circuit...

well, this step is going to tell you all about the circuit. this step is talking about the 9v battery variation, the next step about the 'throwie' variation. so if you have those flat, button cells, skip to the next step, you will be wasting your time here...
do you only have a 9v battery? well, you will have to do this:

(note: I've used a orange wire instead of red {positive} and grey instead of black {negative}, so remember that)

first, take the LED. and two pieces of both wires. take about one cm of the isolation away from the wire on every place everything like in the first picture. the positive end of the led should be connected to the positive wire, idem with the negative side.
you can bend and compress them together, but it's better if you 'melt' it together, but because my soldering iron is broke, i obviously can't.

now take another piece of 'negative' wire, and a resistor. then connect them too. i don't axactly know wich one it is, i think about 330 Ohm (they work too), but the colours are (positive side) gold-brown-white-orange (negative side). after this, just connect the free wire-ends to the battery. the LED should light up.

the use: just slide the battery into your sleeve and hold it there with rubber bands.

Step 2: The Circuit (again)

well, this step is going to tell you all about the circuit. this step is about the 'throwie' variation, the 9v battery variation belongs to the next step . so if you only have a 9v battery, turn back. you will be wasting your time here...

do this: take the LED and the button cell and see this page for more:

(note: that instructable isn't mine)

Step 3: The Bottle...and Stuff.

so, first find a broken flashlight. the first picture shows the pieces of a flashlight, and the piece (the reflector) i'm holding in my hand is the only wich you should use. it reflects the light more.

begin a search for an (almost) empty bottle of perfume, one that fits the shape of the reflector. look to the second picture, none of the bottles are good.
the third picture shows the (finished) bottle, and the reflector with iron wire all around it.

take the bottle, and put the (only) head ( the spray-thing) into a vice. make the vice tighter, it should just pop of. now look if your waterproof material fits into the opening on the bottle(tightly). if it doesn't, use a dremel to enlarge the hole.

Step 4: Part 4: Making It Waterproof

now that you have the stuff, take the piece of waterproof material, make a little hole in it, little enough for the LED to fit in. push the led in, and glue it together with transparent glue. now fill the (clean) bottle with water (if you want), and place the water-proof LED into the opening of the bottle. glue it. a lot. wait for the glue to dry.

now take the reflector, put the wires through its opening, and glue
it to the bottle. decorate as you want.

Step 5: Decoration

the decoration isn't a thing i'd spent much attention to becaaus i didn't had much time, but you can use your imagination to do it.

some ideas:

iron wire.

Step 6: Final...

the general description of the bottle:

sends light to every direction, especcialy downwards.
it is small
it is original

light isn't so strong
takes time
waterproofing can be hard

well, that's it, if anyone knows stuff to improve it, please tell me.

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    You are a god! you seem to have created everything i couldn't find elsewhere on instructables. this is genius BTW. on another LOTR related note I made some lembas bread using a recipe from this website: it tastes pretty good also this website has instructions on the leaf wrappers:


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    well, thank you for the compliment...and for the recipe. And the leaf folding thingy.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i made a Lord of The rings group called the Fellowship of The Ring (im suprised no one else came up with that it sounds like the perfect name for a lord of the rings group on instrutables) and id like to know if youll put this in my group


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

     I ask myself: "Why should I?"

    Then again, I ask myself: "Why shouldn't I?"

    I accept thy proposition!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I made some similar bottles for family and friends for Chrismas. You can power the white LED with one 3v coin cell battery. It will last +/- 12 hours.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    i know, but at the time of creating it, i sadly didn't got one, so i did it with 9v. and thanks for the info about the duration, maybe i'm going to change it...