Starbucks Tall Coffee Candle



Introduction: Starbucks Tall Coffee Candle

This is a perfect gift for any coffee lover or Starbucks fanatic.

You will need:

4 small candles in glass jars (I prefer walmart brand, $1 each in food flavors, Vanilla, Hazlenut, Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Caramel, etc)
It is very important that the candles are in glass because when lit, the flame can light the beans on fire and cause a house fire.

4 glasses ( I prefer walmart mainstays old fashion double stack because the coffee sleeves and lids fit so well)
4 coffee sleeves
4 tall coffee lids
1 bag whole bean coffee, dark roasted or espresso is best for the rich coffee scent.
Sharpie Pen

Coffee to go tray
Cellophane (for wrapping)

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Step 1: Next

Peel the label off of the candle and add to the bottom of the glass. I like for the receiver of this gift to be able to refill it.

Step 2: Next

Add a small amount of coffee beans to the bottom of the glass.
Place candle n the glass. It should be level with the glass or just a bit tall taller. (Try adding the lid, this is the best test)

Step 3: Next

Fill beans around candle.
Make sure that any beans that fall in the candle are picked out.

Step 4: Next

Write the name of the "drink" on the coffee sleeve. You can be creative or copy a Starbucks drink. I like to make the name similar to the candle scent.  You can also print the receivers name for an extra touch. Add to the glass. Add lid.

Step 5: Finale

For a set of four, I like to put all of the candles in a to go tray for an extra touch.

These are great as a set or an individual gift wrapped in cellophane.

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