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Introduction: Starbucks Coffee Sleeves Upcycle Clock

1st thing 1st. Am I the ONLY person who hoard Starbucks Coffee Sleeves??!! (Respond in comments!)

I saved them all over the years collecting dust and today I finally think of a way to upcycle them! I cut out the logos on the sleeves to make a clock. Every hour of the day should be Starbucks hour!

It is a $2-$5 project which takes about 2 hours to complete. The only thing you need to buy is the Clock parts. If you have an ugly clock at home you can dissemble, then it is free. Oh well, and obviously some coffee sleeves...

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Step 1: Things You Need

1. Cheapest Ikea Clock (RUSCH) or clock parts from Michael's/Hobby Lobby (Don't forget the coupons!)

2. At least 8 coffee sleeves for my design, it can be fewer or more, depending on your design. The winter version has a smaller green logo (the ones I used) and regular one has large logos which is not completely round.

3. Some sort of clock face, I used a round piece of cardboard from a packaging that I was about to throw away.

4. Some sort of hook, I used a key ring

5. Glue Gun

6. Scissors

7. Utility Knife

8. Double sided tape (optional)

Step 2: Prepare the Clock Face

If you use the Ikea clock, use a knife to pop the front cover, then pull the clock hands outwards.

Flip to the back, press on the white tab that holds the box in place and pull it out.

The cardboard I used is too thick so I need to cut a hole to hold the assembly. Choose your clock face material carefully, It has to be very thin so the clock hands can move freely. If you decided to use thick material, make sure you can cut a hole or you purchase the appropriate clock mechanism.

Step 3: Cut, Design and Mark the Hours

Cut a hole on the back of clock face if your material is too thick.

Then Design and experiment different placement and logo sizes. You can even put the clock hands off the center with big and small size logos to make it funky. Another idea is to cut out 12 of your names written by the barista.

After it is finalized, mark the clock hours. There must be some better /more accurate ways to do it like measuring angles and stuff but I just pulled the Ikea clock face and mark it roughly.

Step 4: Assembly Time!

After the hours are marked, use glue / glue gun / white glue/ double sided tape to stick the "numbers" on.

Put the clock mechanism and clock hands back. Check for clearance by rotating the gears at the back (like setting time) making sure nothing is in the way and clocks hands can move freely.

Then use Glue Gun to glue the hook of your choice and glue around the box so it won't move.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Upcycle Starbucks Clock!

It is probably the cheapest "Starbucks product" ever. Hope yall enjoy this instructable. Do post photos if you made it and I would love to see your creations! Don't forget to vote as well! =D

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