Starbucks Costume ($7)

Here is a simple tutorial on the construction of a Starbucks Coffee Costume, shown far left.


1 Light Brown Dress (I got mine at a thrift shop for about $5)

1 Bottle of Forrest Green Acrylic Paint (Walmart, $1.50)

1 Cream Scarf (Already Owned)

1 Cream Headband (Already Owned)

1 Dowel Rod (Walmart, $0.50)

1 Roll of Masking Tape (Already Owned)


1. Choose a spot on your dress for the Starbucks logo. I chose an off centered spot on the left of the dress.

2. Google image search "starbucks logo".

3. Print off the best image you can find.

4. Cover the back of the image with masking tape to reinforce the paper and thicken it.

5. Cut out the black/green parts of the logo. Some pieces will end up loose, so keep an image handy so you know where to place them during construction.

6. Place the stencil you have created on the selected side of the dress. You may want to tape down the edges for reinforcement.

7. Paint in the spaces of the stencil with your green acrylic paint.

8. Once you have completed the painting, remove the stencil. Retouch any areas that you may have missed by comparing the original image with your product.

9. Now that you have completed the base of your costume, add a scarf to replicate the whipped cream on a Starbucks drink (also because it is October and you will want the extra warmth).

10. Now take your dowel rod. Paint the rod with the same acrylic paint used for your logo.

11. Once it has dried, hot glue it to the side of your headband.

EXTRA STEP: If you want to really get creative, drive to your local Starbucks. Ask for two cardboard drink holders. Slide these over your wrists for the ultimate accessory, the Starbucks bracelet.

I hope your costume turns out well! The image shown is the original product I made, not in any way from a professional, so this is very doable. Good luck!




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