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Introduction: Starburst Pot Holder

About: I have been sewing and crafting for several years, my children are grown so now I have lots of time to be creative. I enjoy photography, cooking, cake decorating, painting and sharing my projects with others.

Several years ago I helped make these starburst pot holders to raise money for our County Extention Club. It's almost like fabric origami. They are made out of scrap fabrics. The lady who was in charge of making these passed away several years ago and I wanted to try and figure out if I could make one from memory. Well, it took some doing but I finally got it done! 

The first one you make will be complicated because of all the folding but if you refer to the pictures hopefully it will make sense.  

Step 1: Supplies Needed

You will need:

scrap fabric, iron, sewing machine, heavy duty sewing needle,  thread, scissors, straight pins, measuring tape.

Step 2: Cutting Out Circles

Cut out 5 circles that are 7 inches in diameter. Cut out 8 circles that are 6-1/2 inches in diameter and 8 circles that are 6 inches in diameter.

Step 3: Iron Circles

Place one of the 7" circles on a flat surface. This will be the foundation circle. Fold the remaining  7" circles in half, press. Fold in half again and press. Press the other fabric circles in the same way.

Step 4: Sewing Center Star

Open the 4 pieces so they are only folded in half. Place 2 of these on the 7" circle that wasn't ironed so that the folds meet in the middle. Pin. Sew perpendicular to the folds, on the crease. Pick up the ends of the circles and place the other two 7" circles on the bottom circle lining up the folds along the first stitching.  Sew down the center of these.

Step 5: Press

Fold each flap under itself and press.

Step 6: Sewing Middle and Outside Star

Take the 8 ironed circles that will be the middle star. (6-1/2") In my case they are peach colored. Open up 2 of the center star circles across from each other. Take 2 of the peach colored circles and lay them on top of these opened center star circles, about 3/4" down from the center point. Line up the crease with the stitching of the first star. Now take 2 of the folded plaid circles (6") and lay them on top of the peach circles, line up the fold about 3/4" down from the fold of the peach. Pin. Sew down over the crease.  These will be referred to as your 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions.

Now on to the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions.

Find the orange circles that are at 3 o'clock and open the fold. move the circles on the sides out of the way as much as possible. Lay the peach and plaid circles down in the same manner and pin. Sew down the center crease. As you get to the middle part of the star, you will need to stop, lift the presser foot and move the circles on the side to the back. Lower the presser foot and continue to sew. 

Step 7: Continue Adding Circles

Lift the circles up and out of the way at the place between 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock. Now lay down a peach folded circle with the fold 3/4" from the center point, lay down a plaid folded circle on top of this 3/4" from the fold on the peach. Refer to picture. Pin.

Move the fabric away and locate the place between 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock. Lay down a peach and plaid circle in the same way. Pin.

Now sew down over the crease on these circles, moving the fabric out of the way when you get to the center.  

Repeat for the areas between the 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock. and 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock.

Step 8: Folding

Starting with one of the middle orange flaps, fold it under and lay it down. Take the peach one that is just above that and fold under and lay it down on top of the orange. Now take the plaid one and fold it under and lay it down.  Pin the layers to the foundation circle.

Take the other 3 halves of the circles that you just folded and pinned and do the same with them.

Repeat with the folded circles on the opposite side of the pot holder.
After you have folded and pinned 12 o'clock, and 6 o'clock, Fold and pin 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock.
Now fold and pin the peach and plaid circles that are in between these.
Overlap and rearrange until you have a starburst design like the picture.

Step 9: Trim Edges

With the scissors, trim the edges so that it all lines up with the foundation circle on the back of the pot holder.

Step 10: Bias Trim

Cut a 7" circle out of the plaid and pin it to the back, covering the stitching. Cut a 2" wide strip of fabric on the bias long enough to go around the pot holder. About 23 inches. Place it on the edge, right sides together and stitch 1/2" from the edge.You will be sewing through many layers of fabric so take it slow. After sewing all around the edge, turn the bias trim around to the back. turn under and pin all around.

Cut a strip of fabric 2" x 5". Fold in half lengthwise and press. fold the outside edges toward the center fold and pin. Sew along the edge, making a loop for the pot holder.

Tuck the ends of the loop into the bias trim and  hand stitch the loop in as you sew.

There it is! The folded fabric pot holder.  

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    Looks like a great scrap buster...gotta try!