Starburst Rainbow Loom




Introduction: Starburst Rainbow Loom

This is an American flag or bomb pop colored starburst. Thank you for taking time out to look at mine. Please leave comments to tell me how I did or what I can do better.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
1) 27 of one color *the color you want for the outside*
2) seven of one color
3) seven of a new color
4) seven of a new color
5) seven of a new color
6) seven of a new color
7) seven of a new color
8) a loom (knockoffs work too)
9) a hook
10) a clip

Step 2: Frame

Make sure your arrows are facing away from you before you start. If your loom doesn't have arrows then have the open part facing away from you. Start by placing your rubber band pointing upward on the left. It should be one the first peg in the middle and to your left (a way to know your left is your left thumb and pointer finger make an upper case L) place your band all the way up the loom until you get to the second to the last peg. When you get there place the band from the second peg at the top to the top middle. Do the same to the right side.

Step 3: The Stars

Take the color you want (arrows still facing away) and put it from the second peg in the middle to the second peg on the right. Go clockwise around in a circle with that color. There should be one of that color left. Go up to the empty space above your first star and make a second star. Repeat this until you have six stars.

Step 4: Capping

Place a band that is left on your fingers in shape of an infinity sign (side ways eight). Place one side over the other so it looks like an two O stacked on top of each other. Place that on the color of the star it goes with. If it is the same as the frames color it belongs in the middle at the last peg facing away from you.

Step 5: Star Looming

Flip your loom so the arrows are facing you or the open part is facing you (in case you don't have arrows). Bring forward the one on the outside under its capping band. From there grab the top middle (under the capping band) and bring it from where it came. *check pictures* repeat this step until the last star is done.

Step 6: Frame Looming

Loom still has arrows facing you. Go under the capping band, grab that band and loop it forward. Keep doing this until you reach the end, when you do, start on the other side

Step 7: Off She Goes

Place a rubber band through the side withe the most rubber band, put your finger in it and pull off.

Step 8: Extending

Make a chain coming off the other side (chain in previous instructable)

Step 9: Clip

Add your clip to one side. Put the sane clip on the other side, when done with this step the two side should be latched.

Step 10: Tada

Now you have a starburst to wear or give to someone as a holiday or birthday gift.

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