Starburst Ring Rainbow Loom





Introduction: Starburst Ring Rainbow Loom

This is my second instructable. Please leave comets below to tell me how I did and what I can do better.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1) seven rubber bands in one color
2) seven rubber bands in a different color
(All fourteen can be the same color)
3) five or less(depending on the size of your finger)
4) a rainbow loom
5)a hook
6) a pencil (optional)
7) clip

Step 2: Edges

Place the rubber band around a small portion of the edge. Both ends should meet in a point . (Use either color, there should be one of that color left)

Step 3: Middle

Use your other color and place it grime the middle out going clockwise. Start with the second one up on the left.

Step 4: Capping

Place a rubber band on your finger in the shape of an eight and fold over.

Step 5: Capping

Put on either the middle or the outside closer to the end of it depending on the color. If I use blue I will put it on the middle. If I use pink I will put it on he end.

Step 6: Capping

Do it again, this time, use the last color you have left.

Step 7: Pull

Pull the blue (whatever color you are using from under the pink capping band) and bring it to the middle using the hook.

Step 8: Pull

Take the top blue one from the center and bring it to the peg it came from

Step 9: Pull

Do it again for the second blue one on top

Step 10: Pull

Keep repeating till all of the middle ones are capping the outside

Step 11: Edge Pulling

Go back to the end peg and pull the bottom peg and pull to the side it came from

Step 12: Pull Edge

Take he other bottom pink one and pull it the way it came

Step 13: Edge Pull

Go back to the first side you pulled an go to the side. Pull the bottom pink one to the place it came one

Step 14: Edge Pull

Pull the bottom pink one on the next peg and pull to the beginning. Make sure it looks mostly (as in your color doesn't have to be he same)like the picture.

Step 15:

Do same to the other side

Step 16:

Using the pencil or the hook add one of the five to the end and add the clip.. Look at picture

Step 17:

Grab the other end and take off

Step 18:

Make a chain off the hole where your finger was. Use the remaining rubber bands. If to small when you clip the ends together add more. If to big take some off.



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    not trying to sound rude but I was a bit confuzed

    I don't understand the last part marionpixie.

    The pencil is to take off the side with the most rubber bands... My hook will break if i use it.

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    Even if it was a joke, i think they should a ring contest. It would be cool. Plus its something not a lot of people think about stuff like that. Sometimes rings can be more interesting than bracelets.

    I know it was a joke.

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