Starburst Rubber Band-Rainbow Loom Bracelet




Step 1: Line Bands

Line rubber bands all the way up the loom on both sides. Put them diagonally at the top

Step 2: Make Stars

Make bands into a star following the order of these. It will make it easier later. Do this all the way up. Tip: push them down in the center so they fit.

Step 3: Caps

Add end caps to each star and very end. You do this by making a figure 8 with a band then putting one end over the other

Step 4:

Turn the loom around. Pull the band from your star to the middle. Now take the band counter clockwise from it and pull it to the outside. Continue all the way around and with every star.

Step 5:

Pull the band on the left over and continue this all they way up and on the right. You should put the ends on the middle peg

Step 6:

Put the hook through the end and put some bands on to extend it. Put a hook on, pull off, and put the hook to the other end



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