Stargate 3D Locket With Hidden Locking Mechanism

Introduction: Stargate 3D Locket With Hidden Locking Mechanism

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After attempting my first 3D Locket, I decided to try to challenge myself a little more.  I was talking to my boyfriend about how it would be neat to make a small Stargate that would open up a locket. This would be a good time to tell you that I Love Stargate and I have seen every original series episode, spin off series, and all the movies! Anyways, my boyfriend helped me design the demensions of it.  The basis of it is that the knob turns on the front piece and when it is the right postion it unlocks.  This is done through a lever inside. Inside there is a place for photos.

Step 1: Front Design

This is the front piece. I had to carve out a place for the lever and also for the "knob". The overall sizing of the piece is 1.5" x 1.5" x .5". I also had to place holes for the hinge. I originally wanted chevrons on the front of this piece and designed one with it. It was a little too much so I went back to a simple design.

Step 2: Back Piece Design

The back piece was made to fit in the front piece.  I cut out a place for a photo to slip under. The top part of this piece was made to look like a chevron and function as a place to connect a jumpring.

Step 3: Turn Knob Design

The knob was designed to snap into the front piece. I picked out a few of the symbols off the stargate but only had so much room! At the bottom of the knob, I cut out a groove for the lever to slide in so that the "lock" could release..

Step 4: Lever Design

The lever was created to hinge inside the piece and depending upon the postion of the knob to release or lock.

Step 5: Pin

The pin was just a straight forward design.

Step 6: Assembly of Locket

The locket was made so that it is tooless to put together.  The first step is to snap in the lever making sure it faces right.  Then the knob has to be pressed in. Finally the back piece was put on by pushing the pin through the hinge.

And there is my Stargate Locket!

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    have you printed this yet? you should add it to the free 3d prints group:


    7 years ago on Step 6

    I would definitely buy one of these :D how much would it cost to make?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm not really sure. I've not had anything printed yet. :( Sorry. But I am sure someone else on here can tell you!