Stargate Coverstone Center




I was trying to make the center of the stargate coverstone with the abydose address from the original stargate movie.

Build time: 8 Hours (research to finish)




32 X 12 X 3/4 wood

Wood stain- 3 types dark oak medium mahogany and clear

sandpaper fine grain

razor blade

latex gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs

Step 1: Computer and Carvewright Setup

I used an image from a set design drawing. Imported it into the carvewright software and set it up to the way I wanted it. Also made sure the design would remove from the wood clean.

Step 2: Carvwright Carve

I uploaded the design into the carvewright, loaded the board and set it to go. The carve time was 5 hours because of the detail and size.

Step 3: Removeal and Clean

Once the board finished I used a razorblade to cut the tabs and any leftover connections to the piece. I then used fine sandpaper to clean the tabs and the surface detail.

Step 4: Staining

The final step was to go thought several stages of staining the piece to get the desired effect. I decided to stain the address surrounding figures dark the rest of the raised parts medium color and the lowered sections clear.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    How did you get the set design drawing? And is there any chance that you would send me a copy?Love the design and have been wanting to carve a small copy of this exact drawing.I don't have anything like your cnc,wouldn't know how to use it if I did,But I do like to carve.Really nice job,came out looking great!

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