Stars and Stripes

Introduction: Stars and Stripes

My ornament, "Stars and Stripes," may appear abstract at a first look, but it's actually a reinterpretation of our good ol' stars and stripes, composed of the things we see around the holidays. The flag's red stripes are made up of a single red ribbon, which spirals from bottom to top in the shape of a classic tree ornament. The flag's white stripes are created by gaps between the ribbon, where scattered snowflakes appear to float as though they are falling from the sky. The flag's star field is replaced by a blue holiday bow that simultaneously resembles a star. Using this imagery, my ornament is a celebration of gift giving, holiday cheer, and American spirit.

My ornament was made using a student version of Vectorworks. If you have a 3D printer, feel free to print this ornament out to decorate your tree! And tell me what you think in the comments section below, thanks!



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    this is such a great idea, I love the stars inside! good luck in the contest!