Start Your First Project With Raspberry : Blinking LED

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In this project I am going to show you how to program Raspberry Pi to make an LED blink,If you have nearly bought a Raspberry pi and you don't know anything where to start,this tutorial it fits in.

In addition to your Raspberry Pi running Raspbian, you will need :

1. 330 Ohms resistor

2. LED

3. Breadboard

4. Some wires

Step 1: Install Operating System in Pi

You can skip this step if you have installed the OS already in the Pi.If yes then go to step 2 or else look the complete OS installing instructions in this link that I uploaded.

Step 2: Schematic of the Circuit

Kindly follow the steps bellow :

1. Connect a 220Ω resistor to the anode of the LED,then the resistor to 5 V.

2. Connect the cathode of the LED to GPIO (See the picture above).

Step 3: Watch the Video for More Details

Step 4: Python Code

You are now ready to write some code to switch the LED on.

NOTE : All following steps are explained in the video.

1. Turn on your Pi and Create a new text file “” .


2. Type in the following code:

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time



GPIO.setup(17,GPIO.OUT) #Define pin 17 as an output pin

while True:

GPIO.output(17,True) #Outputs digital HIGH signal (5V) on pin 3

time.sleep(2) #Time delay of 2 second

print( ' Hello ' ) #Print when the LED turn ON

GPIO.output(17,False) #Outputs digital LOW signal (0V) on pin 3

time.sleep(2) #Time delay of 2 second


3. Once you have typed all the code checked save it.


4. Run the python code by typing the following code in the terminal:

- cd Desktop and press Enter( I type Desktop because I have saved the file in the pi's Desktop).

- python and pressEnter.


You will see the LED turn on for two seconds and then turn off for two seconds too.

I hope you enjoy with this project.



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