Starting a Bracelet With a Clasp



Introduction: Starting a Bracelet With a Clasp

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Are you a beginner with beading? Do you just want a refresher on how to? Or do you just want to know how? Well this is the right 'Ible for you:)

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Step 1: What You Need

Crimper bead
Wire cutters
Fishing wire (I use this for the thread because it is very durable and cheap)
Round nose pliers

Step 2: String the Crimper Bead and Clasp of Your Choice

The title explains it pretty much... Just cut the fishing wire with the wire cutters and string the crumpet bead first then the clasp

Step 3: Bring the Wire Back Through

What you do now is take the tale end and bring it through the crimp bead, after this there will be a big loop with the wire. Bring the bead up so it is tight against the clasp

Step 4: Crimp!

Use your round nosed pliers to grip the crimper then press as hard as you can check to see if the crimp bead is secure by tugging on it. If it is secure cut off the tale end (the shorter end) and then start beading!

Step 5: Finishing

Do the same as starting;)

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