Starting a Fire With Steel Wool




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Survival is more than just matches and lighters. It is a skill that requires to learn many methods of fire starting. Fire starting is a necessity in just about every wilderness survival situation. In my own opinion, matches are just terrible in a survival situation. Matches can be very easily blown out by the wind and it often doesn’t strike right. Not only that, when it gets wet it will not light! Lighters are more helpful in a survival situation. However, the fluids may run out within the lighter. Henceforth, you will need more than just your match or lighter. Knowing ways to start a fire with simple materials will help you tremendously. There is nothing wrong with carrying a lighter, of which I would recommend doing, but once your lighter is out of juice what will you do? You must simply know the skills of fire starting using your household object or natural supplies.

One of my favorite methods of starting a fire is using some fine (0000) steel wool and a nine-volt battery. It is such a simple method.

Note: There is a video at the end of this page that will help you as well.

Step 1: Unraveling the Wool

After collecting your two supplies, unravel the steel wool so that is not all waded up. Be sure the battery and the wool have no contact with one another.

Step 2: Prepare for Fire

Once you have unraveled the wool, take the battery and just briefly touch the wool with your battery.

Step 3: FIRE!!!

Look what happens. The steel wool should begin to catch on fire. You can then rub the battery gently down the strip of steel wool. It will then begin to burn intensely.

Step 4: Building Up Your Fire

This fire-starting method is quite helpful to start larger outdoor fires. Places dry leaves, twigs, and grasses over the burning wool will be successful. Do not smother the fire.

The video above will help you get the fire going!



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