Starting Off a Rubber Band Ball

Introduction: Starting Off a Rubber Band Ball

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How to make a paper core rubber band ball

Get some paper and rubberbands

Step 1: The Crumple Ball

Crumple your ball like you are crumpling your All F- report card :)

Step 2: Silleh Bandz

Wrap your bands all round!
I think i typed that too loud.....

Step 3: Keep Rolling Em!

Wrap ur rubber bands round and round
then youll get something like this...

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    XD I remember i did this several years ago when I was maybe 6 and I found the ball and unwrapped it and the paper inside had been compressed so much it felt like rock and chipped my concrete porch slightly


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I usually just use a handful of rubber bands and start winding elastics around that.