Starting Simple Computer Programming


Introduction: Starting Simple Computer Programming

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Computer programming is very easy to master if you understand what you are doing. Most people who understand the basic do not need this instructable but people who do not can use this as a guide to the simplest half programming computer commands.

Step 1:

To start go to notepad which is in most pcs. This is our writing program. We will use this program to give the pc instructions of what we want it to do.

Step 2:

The first part you need to know is how to write something on the screen to do that write echo and then write pause;

echo hello text

Step 3:

next press file and save. Now it is important you save the file as .bat or else it will not run.

Jello text.bat

Step 4:

Now run the file it should display the text and say press any key to continue.

Step 5:

Step 6:

This is the end of the first part please favorite follow and subscribe to my youtube channel.



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